High performing and dynamic checkweighers, with 30 years in the business!

Teltek was this week in Malmö and held a seminar with different types of product control. Among other things, we showed our checkweighers, metal detector, x-ray, and Teltek inControl. It was a successful seminar with many participants. 

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Teltek expands and have a new employee, and that is Anders Eriksson. 
Anders are the new salesman of northern Sweden.
Welcome Anders!

In October the 4-5th, Teltek will participate in the Empack exhibition that is being held in Stockholm, Sweden.
We will present a range of machines, including some news such as our software InControl™. Although new, this software have already proven that it helps our customers to save costs.
Are you in Sweden at this time?Meet Teltek at the Empack exhibition in Stockholm in October the 4-5th. Download your free entrance ticket by follow this link.

Now is vacation times here in Sweden.
Teltek have the office open during the whole summer.

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