High performing and dynamic checkweighers, with 30 years in the business!

Teltek is closed on Friday, June 22nd because we are celebrating midsummer.
We're back at office on Monday. 

Our service manager Andreas Carlsson is leaving Teltek.
We Thank Andreas for all the good work he has put in during his years at Teltek and we wish him good luck for the future.
Teltek have employed Michael Gustavsson as new service manager.
Michael will start his work at Teltek on the 15th of June.
Welcome Michael!

Read the summer newsletter from Teltek
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Central point is an Microsoft_SQL database, if you already have a Microsoft _SQL-database we can happily use it. 
Specification of the structure and tables are open.
The checkweighers have a two way communication with the Microsoft _SQL database.
Analyze and report tools are accesible through a standard web browser, no need for installation of special software for client use, you can use a PC, tablet or mobile.
No annual license fees, just one initial license cost.

Teltek InControl™ consists of three modules: 
Real time data
Article register
Historical data

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Teltek i Örebro AB
Argongatan 83
SE-703 74 Örebro

Phone: +46 19 311 300

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