High performing and dynamic checkweighers, with 35 years in the business!

It can look like this on the production floor in the middle of the week.

How many checkweighers can you see?
Hint - there are both Teltek C80 and C20.

Wow, have you seen a metal detector this big before?
Recently, we delivered a Teltek Combo.

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Teltek C80 offers a range of belt sizes and reject devices to suit customer specific needs including air blast, pusher, single or double flipper/divert arm and drop flap rejects.

Here you can see Teltek C80 manage very small products with a air blast.

In Sweden we have a day called the fettisdagen where you usually eat Semlor (it's like a bun with cream). We at Teltek illustrated how it can look like to drive a Semla on a checkweigher with an air blast reject. You don't want to miss it!

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