High performing and dynamic checkweighers, with 35 years in the business!

Our distributor OFI Weigh & Inspection Solutions, in Australia sent us this video on a Teltek C80 in action. Check it out!

The C80 is designed for measuring each product to ensure the batch consistency is achieved.

All Teltek checkweighers can be combined with metal detector and it can look in several ways, we customize all products to your business and your requirements.

A combined checkweigher and metal detector-system creates possibilities for both functions in small spaces. 

Teltek WPL Fully automatic weigh price labeler (WPL) with many different applicator options.

  • Flexible, yet compact
  • High speed combined with high accuracy
  • Very user friendly
  • Designed for a minimum of maintenance

Teltek C20 is a reliable work horse that won't let you down. A well-priced checkweigher that is perfect for simple tasks.

The C20 is built for applications such as: cartons, heavy items that have low throughput, where statistics and more advanced functions are not necessary.

The Teltek office is open all summer☀️ but there can be limited access at the sales department week 29 to 31. You can send email to and we will take care of your matter.

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