High performing and dynamic checkweighers, with 35 years in the business!

In Sweden we have a day called the fettisdagen where you usually eat Semlor (it's like a bun with cream). We at Teltek illustrated how it can look like to drive a Semla on a checkweigher with an air blast reject. You don't want to miss it!

Cassel X-ray inspection systems provide maximum sensitivity for detection of foreign bodies and other features such as detection of missing or defective products.

The XCB 0525 is suitable for detection of poultry bones in unpackaged fillets. Fillets with detected bones are automatically rejected by a retractable belt.

Undesirable contaminants such as metal, stone, ceramic, glass or plastic with high density can be detected too.

The superior, high-performance software “XIA“ makes possible instant analysis and detection with high accuracy and reliability, thus avoiding false rejects.
The flawless design offers maximum safety and comfort for daily operations to the quality conscious producer. In this way, Cassel X-ray inspection systems preserve your product quality and provide reliable protection of your brand.

Another variant of the Teltek C60 checkweigher. This one has a protective cap and two different ejectors, air blast and pusher. The air blast sorts out the products with the wrong weight and the pusher sorts out the products with the right weight.

Here is checkweigher Teltek C60 customized for the customer’s business. The checkweigher is going to handle heavier products and sort them out sideways on the conveyor.

Teltek C60 is a technical advanced checkweigher and is built for high demands regarding accuracy, reliability and good possibilities for communication. The C60 is
built to work in a big variety in production environments.

Christmas has passed but the winter is still here. Everybody is back in the house and we want to welcome two new service engineers to Teltek, Pontus and Ziad. Welcome!

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