Teltek C series checkweighers

A complete checkweigher series containing the models C20, C60 and C80. The most recent addition is Teltek C60 which is a replacement to our faithful servant Teltek 800.

Teltek C60, as well as C20 and C80 is based on Teltek C platform. We have developed the hardware as well as the software ourselves, which gives more control over the various processes that are in dynamic weighing and hence improved performance.

The platform can be combined with several different applications to suit many different products and environments. Teltek C platform can be combined with C20, C60 or C80-interface depending on the customer's production and user requirements.

You can find more information about our different models Teltek C20, Teltek C60 and C80 Teltek in the information sheet below.

Teltek C80
High precision, high speed. PC based Windows™ operating system with a large 15” multifunction touch screen. Teltek C80 is a PC based Windows™ in line checkweigher featuring a high specification 15” touch screen display for ease of use and maximum operator flexibility.

Teltek C60
Teltek C60 is a technical advanced checkweigher and is built for high demands regarding accuracy, reliability and good possibilities for communication. The C60 is
built to work in a big variety in production
environments. Teltek C60 is built on our platform Teltek C to guarantee high accuracy in high speed of production.

Teltek C20
Teltek C20 is the introduction checkweigher in Teltek C product family. Teltek C20 is mainly built for easier applications where statistics and moreadvanced functions is not necessary. The Teltek designed precision engineered C-series weigh platform guarantees weight stability, accuracy and repeatability.