Do you want to be in full control of your production?
- Then you need Teltek InControl™

Central point is an Microsoft_SQL database, if you already have a Microsoft _SQL-database we can happily use it. 
Specification of the structure and tables are open.
The checkweighers have a two way communication with the Microsoft _SQL database.
Analyze and report tools are accesible through a standard web browser, no need for installation of special software for client use, you can use a PC, tablet or mobile.
No annual license fees, just one initial license cost.

Teltek InControl™ consists of four modules: 
Real time data
Article register
Historical data

See the video about Teltek InControl™:

Teltek InControl consists of basic and four modules:

In the link you will find a fully functional demo version of the Teltek InControl™ application.
You need a password to see this demo, just contact us and you will get your own passord.