Metal detectors

Cassel metal detectors is a market-leading equipment for detection of metal contaminants that accidentally may end up in industrial products. The metal detectors can be set to a number of selected sensitivity levels and are not affected by external interference. The reaction times are short and they meet the strictest quality control standards. With Cassel metal detectors, it is possible to detect both magnetic and non-magnetic metals, including high resistance stainless steel (AISI 316).

An automatic trace action eliminates variations in product effect caused by the product being inspected.

The equipments broad frequency range allows maximum sensitivity at both high and low conveying rates.

Cassel Shark BD
Tunnel detection for conveyors


Cassel Shark In Liquid
Metal detector for pumped products

Cassel Shark GF
Free fall detector with or without throw-out


Cassel Shark PH

​Metal detector for tablets

Cassel Shark In Meat
Metal detector for sausage stuffers etc,


Cassel Shark TU
Metal Detector for wood chips, rocks, etc.