Pusher - standard
Pneumatic pusher with adjustable positions. Many different plates and brushes to choose from depending on the type of product.
(Click here for a short film)

Pusher - heavy load
Large pneumatic cylinder, guided version. For effective reject of 
products in the range from 3-10 kg. (Click here for a short film)

Overhead pusher
Pneumatic rodless cylinder. For wide conveyors where a 
long cylinder is needed it saves space to mount the cylinder above the conveyor.

Diverter arm
Pneumatic cylinder operates the diverter arm. A smooth and gentle reject solution where the arm guides the product of the conveyor. (Click here for a short film)

Air blast
Very effective and silent nozzles. Air blast is the most efficient reject for light products in high speed.
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Reject bins
Teltek has two versions of standard bins. One fully stainless with lockable door and one open-top version in transparent
poly-carbonate.  (Click here for a short film)

Pneumatic cylinders lift one end of the outfeed conveyor. This is the best and safest way to reject flat and/or sticky products.
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