Undesired foreign bodies in food, pharmaceutical or other non-food products represent a big problem.
Many foreign body cannot be detected with a simple metal detector. Because of this Cassel offers X-ray inspection systems as the perfect solution. This way Cassel preserves your product quality and provides reliable protection of your brand.
The  XBD10  is  particularly  suitable  for smaller,  packaged  food  or  non-food  products, for example in jars, boxes, plastic packaging and even metal foils  or  metal  cans.  Undesirable  contaminants  such  as  metal,  stone, ceramic,  glass  or  plastic  with  high  density  can  be  detected  in  the product. The XBD 10 is the most compact x-ray device and therefore highly recommended as an entry-level detection system.



Demonstration film X-ray

User-friendly operation
The XBD 10 X-ray machine has a large 17 "color touch screen and intuitive software that is easy to use. There is no special training needed to operate the X-Ray device.

Easy cleaning and maintenance
The hygienic design allows easiest cleaning and maintenance of the XBD10, without any tools.  Through conveyor's quick release, the conveyor belt can be removed in five easy steps for cleaning. The X-ray protection curtains can be removed by just pushing one button. After cleaning the belt and the curtains can be placed back just as easily. Like this, the device is quickly ready for operation again.

Real time detection with colored contamination analysis
Cassel X-ray inspection systems provide maximum sensitivity in the detection of foreign bodies. Contaminated products are detected live and can be separated. On the touch screen of the X-ray device contamination is highlighted.

Masking functions
The advanced XIA 3 software allows to not consider certain parts of the product. This is particularly useful for packaged products, for which the actual packaging should not be inspected for foreign bodies. The masking prevents unnecessary false rejects of products.

24 hours non-stop operation
Cassel has high standards for all inspection systems for quality control. High-quality components and most advanced technology allow non-stop operation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week