Teltek service agreement

With a service agreement from Teltek your products gets a qualified overhaul by skilled service technicians, who do preventive maintenance and makes an evaluation of the machines status. A service agreement increases your profitability and regular preventive maintenance reduces the risk of unnecessary stoppages due to normal wear of the equipment. Since every stop brings with it significant costs prevention efforts quickly becomes profitable. A service agreement with fixed price per year gives you control over the costs. The agreement can be formed as desired, with choice of visit intervals and equipment covered.

Emergency service
Since Teltek has a large service organization, you can be sure to get help at short notice if you have a problem with a machine from us.

We provide personnel for the start-up of a new machine. We also provide education to operators and technicians on location.

Many problems can be solved through telephone support. We always have free telephone support to our customers.

Spare parts
If replacement parts for your products is needed, we have most in stock which you can get during the day for urgent faults. To be absolutely sure to always have the right part on hand, you can guard yourself with a spare parts package that is always available at your location.

Revision of metal detectors
With Teltek service agreement you can be sure that your metal detector always are working properly. The agreements are usually includes one visit per year, when the detector sensitivity is verified and adjusted if necessary. We also check that the product separation is working properly. The calibration is performed with certified traceable test bars which are all individually marked with serial numbers. These test bars can also be purchased separately for your daily self-monitoring.

Support Hotline
For quick and direct contact with our support department concerning questions about all Teltek systems, please call: 
+46 19 311 503